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MW Equine Communication Connections

Are you looking for an involved training program

 for you and your horse?

One that assists your understanding and ability

 to communicate to get the most out of the

relationship with your horse? 

Then you have come to the right place!

Photo above by Mackenzie Szabo

Training Services

We realize that the standard approach to

sending horses away for training of the past, is

 quite different than the program we are

 currently offering. We are however also

aware of, and would like to share with you, the

ability and opportunity to better your equine

communication skills. Not only for your horses

 benefit, but yours as well.

This is a full support program offered

for those seeking to refine, or perhaps

 redefine their communication skills with their

 horse. Allowing you to learn along with your

 horse and not be left out of the training

 process. Through this, it also greatly enhances

 the likelihood of continued success and

continued improvement once you take your

 horse home.

 Great communication is the key to any healthy

 and balanced relationship. In order to support

 your end of this relationship, do you know how

 to communicate clearly, and do so often with

 your horse? Would you like to learn how to

 better offer this to your horse and support

 this relationship?

- Learn effective ways to communicate on the

 ground and in the saddle with your horse.

- Learn more about husbandry and how you can

 better support health for your equine partner.

- Learn about equine behaviour/communication

and how you can use this to the benefit of you


- Learn how, and why, we want to clearly

communicate with our horse, and understand the

 importance of leadership within your


And much more!

Many people learn skills that may help, or have

 helped with a horse in the past, and suddenly,

 when applied in a new scenario (or with a new

 horse) this skill seemingly no longer works.

For someone who understands why they were

 asking or 'supporting' the horse in a

 particular way, having it not work for the

horse does not cause much concern. However,

 for those who may know what works 'now',

 but not *why* it works, will quickly become

 overwhelmed or frustrated. Equally the horse

 will feel the same, and the degrading of clear

communication between the two of you quickly

 sets in.  This truly is the root of all 'problems'

that surface with horses (sometimes whether

 or not you were the initial human involved in

the miscommunication). You can quickly see the

 importance of not only understanding how to

 apply a technique or form of communication,

 but also understanding why that form of

 communication is useful in that moment.

 Without understanding, clear communication,

 and therefore the balanced, healthy, happy

 and mutually beneficial relationship most

 people seek with their horse, is extremely

 difficult to attempt to achieve.

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We offer; halter fitting, colt starting, show training and preparation, as well as accept problem horses.


  The whole point in a trainer becoming involved in your relationship with your horse is to help you. So, that is exactly what we set out to do. Our goal is to achieve a willing partner, not only for us but for you as the horses owner. To help achieve this goal, your training fee includes 2 lessons per month when committed to a program that is over 30 days. 30 day horse owners are offered a lesson towards the end of the 30 days. 

Visiting of your horse during their time in training is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Every horse learns differently and at different rates, the more you are able to understand him/her, the stronger your relationship can be.


 The "program" Brandi operates with here at Merikle Waters, is always on that specific horses time schedule, this means 30 days training is not neccesarily 30 rides.

 We require a minimum of a 60 day commitment for colt starting.


At 60 days training, most horses have a decent start on them, but best results are generally seen at 90-120 days and beyond. How much training you would like to put on your horse depends on your individual horse personality type and experience level, as well as your own experience level, budget, and how much "matenience" training you would like to/are able to participate in.





We accept horses for riding training that are at least 2.5 years old & up, ground work/work in tack is available for 2 year olds. We also welcome stallions at a slightly increased training/showing fee. Showing spots are limited so please send us a message to see what is available. 

2015-2016 Schedule of fee's.

Please note, these fee's are subject to change at any time without notice. 

Halter/Showmanship Training - 

June 1st 2016

Riding Training - Booking for June 1, 2016

Limited availability

Booking horses for exhibition in the 2017 show season.

Note: We update as often as possible, however please contact us to check training availability



Please check our Equine Communication Connections page for pricing, or email us for more information. 





Brandi Thiessen

Previously certified with st. John ambulance with a level C CPR (expired 2011)

Completed Intro animal-assisted therapy clinic

Completed Two day advanced animal-assisted therapy clinic

2011-13 CPtHA Vice President

2010-13, APtHA Director

Olds College Horse hoof care & trimming course

Certificate in Equine Science UofG (With Distinction)

Diploma in Equine Studies UofG (With Distinction)







Brandi has been quite lucky as to get the chance to work under/with a large variety of different trainers (breed, backgrounds & specialties ranging from trail horses, show jumping, to stunt horses and western pleasure). She has also had the opportunity to work with a large range of types & breeds of horses, working with, and even showing both Caspian horses & Gypsy Vanners.




 The Method: groundwork is a high priority, as it effects how the horse will ride in a big way. Relationship building plays a very large role in Brandi's method, allowing incentive for partnership with each equine student. Her belief being that, strong relationships between humans and horses allow for a learning outlet that is like no other. Providing proof to your horse that you will look out for him and keep him safe, in turn does the same for you.  Ultilizing pressure and release, encouragement and leadership  - this opens the door to acceptance and relaxation.


 Basic 'showmanship'  training is completed with every horse in training with Brandi Thiessen, as it creates a horse who is responsive, obedient, and has superior ground manners.  Her training view is based upon positive reinforcement and redirection, using natural "try" to help create a willing, accepting partner. Please check out our Video Library on youtube (links below), offering a wide variety of horses trained by Brandi.





A good mind in any horse is key. While a good minded horse is often that way at birth, we believe the future of their human relationships whether success or failure no matter their mindset, is due to their initial training.

We encourage regular visits from clients and can provide references upon request.



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