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Our new program offers owners the direct opportunity to learn how to properly communicate and find that connection with their own horse. Including a trainer within the relationship with your horse to gain education is awesome, as well as extremely important for many people. However if you do not learn along with your horse, and become involved in the 'training', holding expectations, as well as understanding of the importance/reason behind why a trainer does specific things, you will quickly find you and your horse struggling once on your own.

 This program is offered for both training clients, as well as those looking to learn about equine communication and the benefits it offers (but may or may not have a horse). 




An average 'colt start' is a minimum of 60 days (2 months) commitment.  This includes 2 lessons with one of my horses (in the first 30 days of your horse arriving), and then 2 lessons with your horse in the remaining 30 days).

For most horses 60 days of training for an inexperienced horse, means less than 30 real rides. For most owners and horses, they benefit from additional time/rides. For those willing and able to commit to 5 months or more, the rate is reduced to $(1050/month). Still included is 2 lessons in the first month (with my horse), and then 2 lessons per month with your horse as training progresses.  Additional lessons are encouraged, and sometimes necessary for a particular desired pairing. These are offered at $40/2hr (a
reduced rate from the normal package of $65/2hr fee).


 Monthly fee: $1100/month ($2200 total for 60 days/two months)

Lessons included - 2 per month (See above for specifics)

5 Month commitment (or more) fee - $1050/month

Additional lessons offered for $40/2hour for clients with horses that are in this program



Young Horses & In hand training/show preparation


Monthly Fee: $750/month

Lessons included - 3 per month

If you are intending to show - it is recommended to book a minimum of 60 days, although more may be necessarily to adequately prepare you and your horse to show together successfully.





Small Group monthly lesson package (with our horses)

(5 lessons, 1x/month) with our horses


These sessions are 2 hours, and caters to the skill levels of the individuals of the group. This covers both hands on ground work communication as well as 'theory', and or riding hands on communication work as well as 'theory'.


Individual Sessions can be purchased individually for $65/2hr session. 



Why is this important?


We realize that the standard approach to sending horses away for training of the past, is quite different than the program we are currently offering. We are however aware of, and would like to share with you, the ability and opportunity to better your equine communication skills. Not only for your horses benefit, but yours as well

This is a full support program offered for those seeking to refine, or perhaps redefine their communication skills with their horse. Allowing you to learn along with your horse and not be left out of the training process. Through this, it also greatly enhances the likelihood of continued success and continued improvement once you take your horse home.

 Great communication is the key to any healthy and balanced relationship. In order to support your end of this relationship, do you know how to communicate clearly, and do so often with your horse? Would you like to learn how to better offer this to your horse and support this relationship?

- Learn effective ways to communicate on the ground and in the saddle with your horse.

- Learn more about husbandry and how you can better support health for your equine partner.

- Learn about equine behaviour/communication and how you can use this to the benefit of you both.

- Learn how, and why, we want to clearly communicate with our horse, and understand the importance of leadership within your relationship.

And much more!

Many people learn skills that may help, or have helped with a horse in the past, and suddenly, when applied in a new scenario (or with a new horse) this skill seemingly no longer works. For someone who understands why they were asking or 'supporting' the horse in a particular way, having it not work for the horse does not cause much concern. However, for those who may know what works 'now', but not *why* it works, will quickly become overwhelmed or frustrated. Equally the horse will feel the same, and the degrading of clear communication between the two of you quickly sets in.  This truly is the root of all 'problems' that surface with horses (sometimes whether or not you were the initial human involved in the miscommunication). You can quickly see the importance of not only understanding how to apply a technique or form of communication, but also understanding why that form of communication is useful in that moment. Without understanding, clear communication, and therefore the balanced, healthy, happy and mutually beneficial relationship most people seek with their horse, is extremely difficult to attempt to achieve.


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