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Milleniums Taylor Made




2009 CPHA red dun tovero gelding

Millenium Miracle X Taffy





A Little History

Taylor is a red dun tovero, with 2 blue eyes (one with black eyeliner). He has fluid flowing movement and is very hard working. He can jog with the best of them and extend when asked with ease. He is extremely friendly, easy to handle and train with full siblings who are riding, have show points as well as CPtHA national titles.

Taylor was started in November of 2011 for 60 days, and then did not return to work until Late April. He then attended his first riding show with great success, a first in both classes with healthy entries.

He has been shown in 2012 by amatuer rider/handler Annette Thiessen, and regular classes with Brandi Thiessen. We are excited to continue his training and exhibition in 2013.

See him on the NCC circuit as well as Pinto and other open shows in 2013






 1st - Senior Trail (Hastings Lake)

1st - Senior Western Pleasure (Hastings Lake)

1st - Junior Horse (Hastings Lake)

Senior High Point Performance (St Paul)

 2nd - Western Pleasure Stake (St Paul)

2nd - Senior Trail (St Paul)

 1st - Senior western Pleasure (St Paul)

 1st - Junior Horse (St Paul)

3rd - senior English Pleasure (St Paul)

1st - Senior Showmanship (St Paul)

Reserve Grand Champion Halter Horse (St Paul)

2nd - 3 and over geldings (St Paul)

2nd - Senior Trail - (Ranfurly)

 1st - 3 & over gelding (Ranfurly)

 3rd - Junior horse pleasure (Ranfurly NCC)

2nd - senior western pleasure (Waskataneu NCC)

 2nd - senior showmanship (Waskataneu NCC)

1st - senior horsemanship (Waskataneu NCC)

2nd - senior trail (Waskataneu NCC)

3rd open 4 & over geldings (CPtHA Nationals)

CPtHA National Champion 4 and older pinto gelding (CPtHA Nationals CA Judge)

Reserve CPtHA National Champion 4 and older pinto gelding (CPtHA Nationals AB judge)

3rd - Junior Horse Pleasure (Rich Valley)

2nd - showmanship stake (Rich Valley)

1st - senior showmanship (Rich Valley)

2nd - NCC Halter (Rich Valley NCC)

 1st - 3&4 yr old filly/gelding (Rich Valley NCC)

Overall Halter Grand Champion (Valley View)

Senior Grand Champion Halter (Valley View)

1st - 4 and over gelding (Valley View)

2nd Senior Showmanship (Valley View)

1st - 3+4 Yr old Pinto Gelding (Canadian Pinto)

3rd - WP Junior Horse (Canadian Pinto)

3rd - Senior Western Horsemanship (Canadian Pinto)

3rd Senior Open Western Pleasure (Canadian Pinto)








 Senior High Point Performance (Colchester show)

1st senior WP (Colchester Show)

1st Maiden Western Pleasure (Vegreville fair) 

 3rd halter gelding (Vegreville fair)

2nd pt morgan halter gelding (Warden Show)

2nd pt morgan western pleasure (Warden Show)

 2nd maiden western pleasure (Warden show)

1st Senior western equitation (Warden show)

2nd Senior Showmanship (NCC Athabasca Show)

2nd Senior Western Equitation (NCC Athabasca Show)

3rd Showmanship Stake (NCC Athabasca Show)

 SMR Senior High Point Performance (June 2012)

1st Senior Showmanship (SMR Show)

1st Halter Geldings/Stallions (SMR Show)

1st English Equitation (SMR Show) 

2012 First Place Walk Trot Pleasure (out of 14 - Colchester Show)

 2012 First Place Walk Trot Equitation (out of 14 - Colchester Show)



2010 first place 1-2 yr old Geldings (CPHA Show)

2010 4th/16! open geldings any age (CPHA Show)



























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