Merikle Waters Paints & Quarters

Producing & Training Quality Family And Show Horses

Please note - discounted fee's are available to horses bred by MW & sired by Millenium Miracle & Tristans Millenium.

Monthly fee: $1100/month ($2200 total for 60 days/two months)

Lessons included - 2 per month

5 Month commitment (or more) fee - $1050/month

Fee's include training fee's, board & lessons



Private Lesson - $65 (On our horse, or your horse)

Multi person lesson - $60/person)

These sessions are 2 hours, and caters to the skill levels of the individuals of the individuals. This covers both hands on ground work communication as well as 'theory', and or riding hands on communication work as well as 'theory'.


Additional lessons offered for $40/2hour for clients with horses that are current in our program

Please inquire about 'off farm lessons'

'Balanced Baby Program'

Monthly Fee: $800/month or $1500/2 months (including private pen board & training fee's)

If you are intending to show - it is recommended to book a minimum of 60 days, although more may be necessarily to adequately prepare you and your horse to show together successfully.

Fee's include training fee's, board

Lessons available for $40/lesson while horse is in training.

Please inquire for more information or to receive a quote for exhibition or specific show support.

Please PM us for additional information

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