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Millenium Miracle


Palomino Tovero

5 Panel N/N


Top Man (X Mr Faceman)




Jacks Susie Sox (Leo/Two Eyed Jack breeding)


Millenium consistantly produces well minded,

 trainable, correct, flashy foals that shine in the

 show ring, or on the family farm. 


This flashy palomino tovero has great sons of

 Leo, Two Eyed Jack, and King P-234 on his

 papers. He goes back to many sought after

foundation lines in his extended pedigree.

Millenium's grandsire Mr Faceman was not only a

 color producer, but was very successful in the

 show ring and the breeding shed. He was truly a

 jack of all trades who excelled at it all, and was

 APHA Grand Champion many times.

Millenium Miracle is tested;

5 Panel N/N  (HYPP- N/N, PSSM1 - N/N, Herda - N/N, GBED - N/N, MH - N/N)

e/e, a/a, n/Ccr (Palomino, no agouti), With Tobiano, Splash White 1 & Frame overo.

Within Milleniums small foal crops, he has sired 35 foals to

date, most of these mares are solid AQHA or JC mares. He

 has sired all the colors of the rainbow. From buckskins to

 blacks, to palomino's, red duns, dunskins, smokey blacks, with

every color inbetween. 


Out of the 35 foals there is 31 colored and 4 solid (3 of 4 solids

 were cream dilutes), leaving a 91% Paint pattern rate. He has also

 produced 13 colts, 20 fillies.


Millenium Miracle is a carrier of; Tobiano, Splash 1 Overo, Frame

 Overo (with a speculated form of sabino overo)

2017 Breeding Info

This stallion is a frame overo carrier, because of this, he stands to OLWS (Frame) negative mares

2017 Breeding Fee - $500 CAD


Live cover available

Mare Care

- $10/day dry mares

- $15/day wet mares

Shipped semen available (Across Canada/USA)

Chute fee (Using West Wind Veterinary Hospital)

- $350 CAD for Canadian Shipments

- $400 CAD for USA Shipments

(this covers up to 3 collections/mare)

Guarantee's -


Live colored foal guarantee (get a solid and re-

breed at 1/2 the fee the following season)


Discounts -

- Proven Trainer

- Proven Mare

- 4H members

- Multiple mares


 Proven performance/halter mares & Dam of

performance/halter/futurity winners eligible for

 breeding at cost of mare care.


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